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Major Components in

Our A3OC SecOps (Security + Operations)

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A3OC Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

To cope with the ever-changing hacking environment, pre-building playbooks and automating part of remediation process is the key for faster response.

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A3OC SOC L1 - L3 Team

Our Level 1 to Level 3 SOC team members are experienced in both ethnic hacking techniques and security incident investigations.

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A software/hardware appliance performs log collection and triggers automated response action at your IT infrastructure end.

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Managed Threat Detection & Response Team

Your organization is further backed by security vendor's threat hunters and response experts to neutralize more sophisticated threats.

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A3OC Security Information & Event Management

Our SIEM platform provides complete analysis by collecting, parsing and storing large volumes of security and IT operations data.

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Malware Information Sharing Platform

Our MISP platform stores 3rd party cybersecurity and threat intelligence, vulnerability information and customer's business contexts. 

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Cloud-Native SIEM

A cloud-native SIEM platform that uses built-in AI to further help analyze large volumes of data across your SaaS (e.g. Office 365) or IaaS (e.g. Azure). 

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Professional Service Team

Need extra hand in managing your security devices for incident management?  Our PS team gives you a great option of a 7x24 service.