Our MSSP Services

Providing Everything Your SecOps Need

our core SOC packages


We provide SOC services in a holistic approach which covers the technology, process and people.  Our service offerings are packaged from the basic to the most completed one, in order to fit in your own operation model and environment.  Click on each plan below to learn more.

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UNISEC™ SOC Platform consists of everything you need to fight against Hackers! 

Our powerful platform combines the beauty from SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, etc., everything you need to run a robust SOC operations, and together with our Cyber SecOps Analysts to run human enriched threat hunting. 

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7x24 Security Monitoring, Threat Hunting & Incident Response

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BRONZE + Managed Security Device Service

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SILVER + Security Posture Enhancement

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GOLD + Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

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external threat intelligence


STAR (Security Threat Analyzed Resources) is our External Threat Intelligence Service to protect indirect threat to your reputation by monitoring hackers using your identity in Dark Web to perform hacking activities to your partners / customers.


Powered by the AdvSTAR Analytics Engine

The subscription includes the brand infringement and external threat monitoring service. We alert you with your fake identity everyday and help you to take it down!

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Phishing/Suspicious Websites & Domains

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Phishing/Suspicious Mobile Applications

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Faked Social Media Accounts

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email protection as a service


An Enterprise Grade Email Protection as a Service provides the latest threat intelligence, machine learning and expert management in a solution that is easy to set up, including Anti-Virus / Spam / Phishing, Sandboxing, AI-based Detection, Analytics & Response as well as Automated Response to quarantine phishing email, etc.

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Powered by the Green Radar grMail™: Next-gen cloud-based email security platform

Comprehensive, multi-layered email security solutions with our proprietary artificial intelligence engine aidar™ to defend your organization against bulk spams, virus, malware, spoofing emails, phishing , CEO fraud and other email-borne threats.

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managed endpoint detection and response


What you need is a Security "Service", not just "Product".  Our Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service is backed by a 7x24 elite team of threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats.

It's not just about an EDR software agent!

24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service.

7x24 Threat Monitoring & Hunting

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Automated Detection, Defense & Response (SOAR)

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Endpoint Management & Troubleshooting

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Token-based Onsite

Endpoint Support

managed firewall security service


Our Automation Enhancement can further boost your Firewall functions to become a next level of powerful weapon against the hackers.  We help you to apply the firewall security playbooks suiting your own SecOps to enhance your security detection, defense and response.  Enlighten the real power of your firewall now!

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Fully Managed Firewall Service 

We can help you to maximize the benefits that your Firewall can bring to you - IPS, Application Control, URL Filtering, Antivirus, Threat Prevention, etc.

7x24 Proactive Security

Detection & Response

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Device Operation

Monitoring & Management 


Review & Improvement

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